This Skincare Brand Has Changed the Way I See My Skin

My skin is my problem child.

For years (honestly, ever since I started taking a contraceptive 🙄) I’ve gone back and forth between having clear skin and dealing with large, painful cystic acne that pops up at the worst possible moments, lasting for weeks and leaving behind dark marks that take forever to clear. Some months, I treated my skin gently, trying to coax it into submission by using a minimal skincare routine. Other months, I wanted my zits, bumps, and marks to go away so badly that I alternately tried to dry them out or blast them with acids and face masks that promised to relieve congestion.

Long story short, neither method really worked. My skin was unhappy, and I was unhappy because my skin was misbehaving. I resigned myself to the fact that I’d always be fighting with my skin, trying to outsmart it, trying to fix it. Then I found The Sunday Standard.

The Sunday Standard review

The Sunday Standard is an entirely clean skincare brand created by a woman named Emma (it was fate!) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I first discovered her products when she held a popup at one of my favorite shops in the area, Dune Gift + Home. I was able to meet Emma (I’m always drawn in by women who are starting their own businesses, especially with a local focus) and learn about each of her products in-depth, even testing the lip balm and oil right there in the store.

Let’s be honest, after walking over to Emma’s popup, I was first struck by the packaging. The Sunday Standard’s aesthetic is impeccable, modern and clean, something you’d be proud to display on your vanity. I mean look at this:

The thing that really sold me on The Sunday Standard (and ultimately why I felt like I needed to tell you about it) is that it is formulated with only non-toxic ingredients because of Emma’s own skin history. She battled with acne for years, using products that were considered “clean” but didn’t do anything for her skin. She decided to create her own skincare brand that would be truly non-toxic, with a focus on skin that was craving a bit of TLC.

As someone who was used to using harsh ingredients on my skin just to keep it in check, Emma’s story really resonated with me. I wanted to nourish my skin instead of fighting with it. I wanted to repair the damage that had been done and encourage my skin to renew itself and restore its natural balance. I also wanted to feel like I was at the spa whenever I washed my face.

I started off with The Sunday Standard’s Blue Tansy & GLA Ultra-Clarifying Facial Oil, and when I started seeing serious results from that (including an improvement in my perspective toward skincare), I bought the Fruit Enzyme & Vitamin C Resurfacing Mask which is my one true love. It comes in a bottle as a powder, and you add water to turn it into a mousse-like texture before smoothing it across your face, where it works its magic in five minutes to resurface your skin, remove impurities, and reduce the appearance of dark spots. It’s a dreamy product, and one that I couldn’t imagine living without at this point. It’s my go-to face mask: non-drying, great-smelling, and it actually works.

Look, I still get breakouts. When I’m particularly stressed or when I eat McDonald’s three days in a row, I get a big, angry zit on my chin. The difference is, today I’m okay with it. I can identify the factors that caused the zit, and I can pamper my skin while it heals. I know that I can slather my face in the Blue Tansy Facial Oil, and it will feel protected and nourished, not attacked. I can’t wait to try the rest of her product lineup (including the cleansing balm which is constantly sold-out because it’s so well-loved!).

Until I started using products from The Sunday Standard, I had assumed that skincare products just didn’t work for my skin, that the problems I felt like I had were unfixable. Now, I know that my skin isn’t broken, or wrong, or something that I have to fight with in order to get it to look and feel good. Every morning and night, I know that I’m using products that are bringing my skin back to life, not putting it through the ringer. It’s a great feeling, and one that I never ever want to give up.

Happy skin, happy life, ya know?

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