Get the Beauty Look: Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019

After sifting through hundreds of Vogue Runway slideshows and fashion-related Instagram accounts, I’ve determined that Spring/Summer 2019 beauty is going to be some of the sparkliest, most out of the box yet. The future of beauty is going to be bright, bright, bright - and I don’t want you to miss a beat.

To tie this Fashion Month up with a bow, I bring you my final beauty roundup and recommendations for the products that you’ll need to recreate them from Paris Fashion Week!


Image Source:  Valentino’s Instagram

Pierpaolo knows what he’s doing when it comes to putting on a show. Not only are Valentino’s gowns consistently some of the most beautiful on the runway, he always has a special element to his beauty looks that make them standout. Anyone remember Kaia Gerber with that EXTREMELY voluminous bouffant at Couture Week? That’s the kind of special that I’m talking about. This season, Pat McGrath went all out with jeweled lips and eyes on Valentino’s models - adding drama and glamour to every look while somehow maintaining a classic look. If you want to recreate this look (for Halloween, or for everyday - no judgment) here’s what you should use:

  • Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick in Fraise Bonbon: For the lip look above, you’ll want to start with a bright red matte liquid lipstick so that you have something for the jewels to stick to. This formula by Jouer is perfect for opaque pigment and lasting power.

  • Lunautics Superstar Stax in Malibu: While these colors aren’t exactly right for a red lip, this is the exact level of chunkiness that you need from the jewels and glitter that you want to apply to your lips or around your eye. Choose a variety of sizes and apply using glitter glue. Beware! You’ll probably need to drink out of a straw for the rest of the night, but it will be worth it to steal the show with this sparkling look.

Dries van Noten

Transitioning from glamour to avant garde, Dries van Noten typically has an edgy aesthetic that he translates into his models’ beauty look on the runway. This season, it was a thick black stripe across the eyelid, meant to define the eye without appealing to feminine sensibilities. This is the anti-glamour girl, and, if you can relate, I know just the product you need to make this look your own:


Image Source:  Chanel’s Instagram

Image Source: Chanel’s Instagram

Ah, Chanel. The very uttering of this iconic name brings to mind tweed suits and classic elegance, but this season Karl Lagerfeld took that aesthetic and brought it to the beach. Models walked barefoot through the sand while wearing clothing that costs thousands of dollars - relatable. More-so than the clothes, I was attracted the punchy makeup that the models were rocking, fuchsia-red lips and clumpy eyeliner that offered impact without being over the top. If you, like me, want this to be a go-to look next season, these are the products you should look for:


The Chloé girl is always someone I want to be: beachy, bohemian and carefree. This season, this vibe was accented with wavy hair, a defined brow and matte brown eyeshadow swiped across the lid. It’s a classic no makeup-makeup look, elevated. Here’s what you need to get it done:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo: Get this powder duo in a shade that matches your eyebrows or the roots of your hair and fill in the sparse areas of your brows. No need to create an exaggerated shape, this is more about accenting what you already have than creating something you don’t.

  • Milani Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette: This palette is well-loved for a reason. Milani’s mattes are creamy and full of depth, perfect for creating a professional looking natural look.

And with that, we’ve wrapped up Fashion Month Spring/Summer 2019! I hope that you’ve enjoyed this “Get the Beauty Look” series, and I would appreciate any feedback you have on it so that I can make changes for next season. Feel free to tag me in your recreations on Instagram, or leave a comment below letting me know which products you’ve picked up. See you next season, Fashion Month!