Are We Ready for More Kardashian Beauty Brands?

Let's face it, the Kardashians have defined beauty for the past decade. Once we got sick of listening to movie stars and monthly magazines telling us which looks were trending, we turned to Instagram to get our makeup fix. That's where the Kardashian family found their beauty niche.

Contouring? Kim Kardashian started that trend.

Overlined lips accented by a bit of filler? Kylie Jenner turned that into a business.

Bold brows and a bare face? Kendall Jenner should be next to that phrase in the dictionary.


Beautiful Beginnings

It's fair to say that we've all taken a tip or two from the famous family. They've changed up their looks plenty of times throughout the years, keeping us on our toes with frequent makeover reveals on social media. Here we are, ten years later, still Keeping Up.

However, over the last three years or so, the Kardashians have gotten wise to our obsession with their hair and makeup. Before they were seeking likes on Instagram - now they're seeking revenue.

The first Kardashian foray into the beauty industry came in the form of Kardashian Beauty, a licensing deal that Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney worked on before they decided to pivot to a more chic image. The brand's products weren't very high-quality and didn't draw the kind of attention that current Kardashian product lines do. Although they were carried at retailers like Ulta, they certainly weren't best-sellers. Now, all that's left of Kardashian Beauty are hair products and tools - no color cosmetics in sight.


Early Adopters

Kylie Jenner was the real game-changer. After realizing that people were obsessed with talking about her lips (and their ever-growing size), she decided to give them something to talk about. Kylie Cosmetics launched in 2015 with a line of long-lasting liquid lipsticks in a variety of wearable shades. Since then, her company has exploded into an empire offering lip glosses, cheek products, eyeshadows and even makeup brushes.

The differentiating factor between Kylie and her older siblings was this: her decision to launch her own company. She didn't stay within the typical Kardashian boundaries of licensing, which allowed them to place their name on products and have some creative direction. With her own company, Kylie would be in charge of everything: manufacturing, marketing, and even distribution. It has paid off. Since launching, Kylie Cosmetics has earned $420 million dollars.

When the other sisters realized that they could make their own fortunes by splitting off and creating individual products, they started making moves. Actually, I should say Kris Jenner started making moves.

The next sister to jump on the beauty bandwagon was Kim Kardashian. She planted the seed with her fans by releasing a collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics in April 2017. The covetable kit of four nude liquid lipsticks sold out instantaneously, prompting many to wonder when Kim Kardashian would make her own debut in the beauty industry.

They wouldn't have to wait long.

KKW Beauty launched in June 2017 with contour and highlight kits that sold out in three hours. In the months since, Kim has created metallic pigments and glosses, fragrances and even more yet-to-be-released products. It's safe to say that Kim has cemented herself as a top brand in the beauty industry.


How Many Kardashian Beauty Companies Do We Need?

Luckily (or unluckily - depending on where you stand), there are more Kardashian beauty companies coming our way. Khloe Kardashian recently filed trademark paperwork for "KOKO Kollection by Khloe Kardashian" and "KOKO Kollection". In a similar fashion, Kourtney Kardashian filed trademark applications in the cosmetics industry for "Kourt" and "2Die4Kourt".

The real question is: do we really need more Kardashian beauty brands?

My answer: it depends.

You see, it made sense for Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian to have makeup lines. Kim has been known for her innovative beauty looks since she landed on the pop culture scene. In fact, her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has even grown a large following from working with her. On Instagram, he has over four million followers who come to his page to learn the iconic contouring technique that he popularized with Kim. Kylie too is known for her makeup, making it popular to overline your lips and elongate your lashes to dramatic lengths.

But Khloe and Kourtney?


The Future of Kardashian Beauty

There's a way that I could see this working. Kim and Kylie have very different target demographics, which is why their two companies can work within the same space. Kim's fans are more sophisticated, so her products tend to focus on natural shades and glowing skin. Kylie's customers are younger, so her products can be more colorful and trendy.

If Khloe and Kourtney are to be successful in the cosmetics industry, they need to identify the ways in which their looks, and their fans, are different from their sisters'.

Or I could just do it for them.

Khloe Kardashian needs to create a makeup line that plays to her ultra-glam side. Although we frequently see Khloe fresh-faced in the gym, she is the only sister that goes full glam these days. Kim has gone to the Yeezy side, focusing on a minimal look while Khloe embraces a red lip, winged liner, and a fully contoured face. If Khloe wants to create a company that can live alongside her sisters' and offers something new, she should go glamorous.

Kourtney Kardashian is a little easier to nail down. As a mom obsessed with being gluten-free, chemical-free and sometimes fun-free, Kourtney should launch a natural makeup line. As a former ambassador for Manuka Doctor, Kourtney is already known as a natural beauty advocate and she should strive to create clean products for women and men who like a glowing, fresh face.

So - do we really need more Kardashian beauty brands?

Maybe not. But if Kris Jenner has anything to do with it, I'm sure I'll be buying from both Khloe and Kourtney when they finally launch their brands. Here's to new products in 2018!