Seeking Summer

Seeking Summer | emmaelsewhere

Seeking Summer | emmaelsewhere

Happy Summer, friends! I hope that so far you have been able to soak up adequate amounts of sun, drink the freshest lemonade that you can find and read every book that has been sitting in your "to read" pile for the past few months. If not - you and I are on the same page.

To be honest with you, summer has been fairly unproductive on the personal front so far. Professionally, I've traveled to a few beauty tradeshows, worked on launching several campaigns for my clients and answered god-knows-how-many emails. Personally, I've been feeling a little blah.

I've had a ton of great ideas this summer. A ton. And then I find myself distracted by a marathon of Fixer Upper or a bowl of Captain Crunch (seriously). So, in this life update post, I'm going to take a page from my friend Natalie's blog and lay my summer goals out on the line for you. I'm hoping that this will hold me accountable for them and that you'll help out with that bit!

Eat more vegetables

Let it be known that at this moment in my life, I am not a healthy eater. If it weren't for my boyfriend being a great cook (thanks, Will), I would subsist on PopTarts, Mac 'n' Cheese and Dr. Pepper. That was only a slightly dramatic statement. My goal for this summer is to eat a vegetable every day. This could be anything from a handful of carrots to having a side of vegetables with a meal. As I've never been much of a cook, I'll have to take this one slow. Which brings me to my next summer goal...

Get cookin'

This summer, I want to learn how to cook. I've never been particularly gifted at this skill. Even throughout college, I would default to the easiest things to make - different types of noodles, soups, etc. This summer, I want to make it my mission to become better at this skill so that I can feel a little bit less dependent on people who can cook well (Will, my parents, etc.). It would be nice to be capable of making a surprise dinner once in awhile!

I also think that learning how to cook could help me eat healthier. I've been going to yoga classes consistently now for about 6 months, and although I have seen a change in my mental wellbeing, my body hasn't exactly followed suit. If I can cook myself healthier meals, I can tackle that end of the issue and hopefully see some results.

I have two ideas as to how I can work toward this goal. One is to sign up for Blue Apron, which I've heard is a great gateway to learning how to cook, as the ingredients are set for you and you're given a clear recipe. One of my major barriers to becoming a great cook is the grocery shopping experience, which I despise. Blue Apron would cut out that step and let me focus on actual cooking skills. The other is to designate one day a week for which I am responsible for cooking dinner. I might end up doing a combination of the two!

Keep blogging

Blogging has been such a joy for me over the past few months (even if there weren't a ton of posts). My only goal related to blogging for the summer is to keep at it as I find my direction and voice. Let me know if you have any specific things that you would like to see me write about! In the meantime, I'll keep my ear to the ground for fashion and beauty industry happenings and I'll report back to you on them.

Stay tuned for my autumn update! I'll be back to fill you in on how these goals went and what I'll be setting out to do in the fall.