50 Annoying Things About Makeup

Makeup Is Annoying | emmaelsewhere As a beauty lover, I think it's completely fair of me to make this statement: Makeup Is Annoying. As much as I love a perfectly crisp winged eye or effortlessly smoked out shadow, there are so many tiny parts of the makeup process that annoy the crap out of me. Let me list the ways:

  1. Having to buy a new foundation every few months (when a bottle lasts *at least* a year) because your skin gets lighter/darker depending on the season. Can someone come up with a tone-shifting formula already?
  2. Finally being able to use that old foundation again and realizing that it's gone bad since last season.
  3. When you sneeze while you're putting on mascara.
  4. When you sneeze when you're doing your eyebrows.
  5. Sneezing when you have any sort of makeup tool near your eye.
  6. Concealer lasting for approximately the five minutes it takes you to get from your vanity to the door. As soon as you step outside *poof* it's gone.
  7. Blush doing the exact same thing.
  8. Becoming hyper-aware of the creases under your eyes that your concealer settles into.
  9. Perfecting your winged liner on one side, only to overdraw on the other. Guess we're going dramatic tonight.
  10. Doing your makeup in a magnifying mirror. Those things should not exist.
  11. Streaks left in your foundation from bad brushes.
  12. Flashback in photography when you use products with SPF. I'm just trying to protect my skin! Can't a girl live?!
  13. Patchy lipstick.
  14. Creased eyeshadow.
  15. Having to buy a primer for every single part of your face: foundation primer, lip primer, eyeshadow primer, etc.
  16. Needing every eyeshadow palette that launches online. Holding myself back from buying the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette *and* the Kylie Jenner Vacation Palette was a struggle.
  17. Realizing twenty minutes later that you rubbed off one side of your face while leaning on your hand.
  18. Your foundation breaking apart between your eyes.
  19. Or around your nose.
  20. Or on your chin.
  21. Realizing that the "no makeup" look actually takes a lot of makeup.
  22. Thinking about anti-aging at 23.
  23. Sunglasses that rub off the front of your drawn on eyebrows.
  24. Not having an eyebrow pencil with you when that happens.
  25. Breaking out from a brand new product because you didn't do your research first.
  26. Trying to decide whether to self tan your face to match your body - or whether to wear foundation every day for the rest of your life.
  27. Getting lipstick on your teeth.
  28. Nobody telling you that there's lipstick on your teeth.
  29. When your boyfriend splashes you with water after you just finished your full face. Looking at you, Will.
  30. When a product that everyone else loves just doesn't work for you.
  31. When people think that because you're good at makeup you can do theirs perfectly.
  32. Trying to do someone else's eyeliner or mascara for them.
  33. When your makeup looked better in the mirror than in your selfie.
  34. Buying a new lipstick every time you go to Sephora - and never wearing lipstick.
  35. When the new product you bought smells so bad that you can't even use it. Thank god for Sephora's return policy.
  36. Glitter fallout on your cheeks.
  37. Foundation that oxidizes.
  38. Perfecting your look - only to have your plans cancelled.
  39. Not scoring the newest Kylie Jenner launch.
  40. Makeup brushes don't clean themselves.
  41. When your Beauty Blender starts to.... go bad.
  42. When somebody tries to tell you about this "new product" that you tried years ago.
  43. Storage. 'Nough said.
  44. When your favorite YouTuber doesn't list the products that they used in the description box.
  45. Buying the wrong shade of ANYTHING.
  46. Dropping a baked product and watching it shatter along with all of your hopes and dreams.
  47. Trying to explain to people that those 14 nude lipsticks are *very* different.
  48. Colored mascaras that are supposed to enhance your eye color but do absolutely nothing.
  49. Using a setting spray that leaves droplets on your face. Makeup. Ruined.
  50. And finally.... Sephora's Rewards Program. We all know it's the worst.