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Do you have any hobbies?

This question always seems to come up during icebreakers, networking, and even small talk. It shouldn't be hard to answer... except that it is for me. It's hard to tell people that your hobby is content.

Books. Magazines. Podcasts. Blogs. Social Media. YouTube. Anything goes.

My entire life I've known that I was meant to absorb information. I've been reading books since before kindergarten, often finding a quiet corner whenever my parents dragged me somewhere and becoming sucked into my latest novel. I've always loved how people can string words together to create a story, an image or even emotion. From this love has sprouted an obsession with the constant content our generation is producing.

It doesn't hurt that I write my own.

If you're wondering what content I've been consuming lately, today is your lucky day. Below, I've broken down my recent favorites in every content category! Happy reading/listening/watching!


I haven't been obsessed with any of the books that I've read recently. However, the book club that I'm in with Emily and Natalie is currently reading The Nightingale, which has been beautiful so far. It's a story set in France during the German occupation in World War II about two very different sisters trying to survive in their own way. I'm about halfway through, but will let you know how I like it in the end! Big Little Lies (yes, that one!) and The Cuckoo's Calling are other novels that have stuck out to me over the past 6 months.


My magazine subscriptions have changed a bit! Although I still ready my Glamour and Vogue monthly, I've added InStyle into the mix. After following Laura Brown on social media for awhile, I was thrilled to hear that she was becoming the new EIC of InStyleIts covers. With Laura came a whole new look for the magazine. are some of my favorite month after month, and the articles inside are actually entertaining and substantial.


Podcasts make up the majority of my content consumption these days. Whether I'm folding laundry, taking a bath or sitting in traffic, there is sure to be a podcast playing from my phone. I am subscribed to a variety of podcasts from multiple genres. In the political sphere, my go-to podcast is Pod Save America. It's run by a few members of Obama's communication team and it comes out a few times a week.

From a fashion and beauty perspective, I've been loving Fat Mascara from Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, and 4 P.M. at Fashionista. I listen to The Strategy Hour Podcast - a business podcast -religiously. I listen to The Lively Show when I need to reset my mindset. Finally, a new weekly listen is At Home With... which is a podcast hosted by Lilly Pebbles and Anna Newton where they interview fashion and beauty icons in their homes! I told you there were a lot of podcasts.


YouTube will forever be one of my favorite ways to consume content. I am endlessly inspired by YouTubers who create videos, blog posts and social media posts for a living. Can you say goals? My favorite YouTubers haven't changed a ton since I last filled you in, but there are a few newcomers. Tati Westbrook and Amelia Liana are still on my must-watch list, but they have now been joined by Amber Scholl, Suzie from Hello0ctoberxo and Kate from Kate la Vie.

What have you been reading/writing/listening to and watching? Let me know in the comments!