Mad for Micellar Water

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Micellar water has been a mainstay in the skincare world for years, but it remains a mystery to many shoppers, especially skincare beginners. With roots in French skincare, this cleansing go-to has a history of simple and efficient use which makes it the perfect addition to nearly everyone's routine.

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is just as it sounds - a water base that contains micelles. These tiny spheres of cleansing oil live throughout the water base. Essentially, micellar water is an extremely simplified version of a makeup remover! The micelles remove makeup quickly and easily (even waterproof makeup), without irritating your skin. In fact, many formulas can actually hydrate your skin instead of stripping it like so many alcohol-based makeup removers do.

How Do I Use Micellar Water?

The most common way to utilize micellar water is for makeup removal. Simply dampen a cotton pad with micellar water and sweep it across your face to remove any makeup. One of the major benefits to removing your makeup with micellar water is that it dissolves mascara without rubbing or tugging. As soon as you can swipe a cotton pad across your face without any discoloration on the pad, you're done!

A lot of people say that they can get away with using micellar water as the only step in their skincare routine because on top of makeup, micelles draw away dirt and oil. However, I would recommend using it as a pre-cleanse instead of as your main cleanser. Double-cleansing is the best way to ensure that everything is off of your face before you head to bed.

Micellar water can also be a great product for when you just need a refresh. I've used it in the morning when I don't have time to fully cleanse my skin before heading to Target (as one does) to remove any overnight sweat or oil. It is also perfect for a quick post-workout cleanse - you can even wipe your body with it!

Beyond Skincare

Another trend that I've been seeing - micellar water being used in products that go beyond skincare. Recently I came across the Buildup Buster from DevaCurl and I rapidly fell in love. It is an in-shower hair treatment that removes product buildup and residue with micelles. This is a product that lit one of those "Why didn't I think of that?!" lightbulbs in my head. The DevaCurl Buildup Buster was the first hair product that could remove buildup without leaving my hair feeling dull or dry. My favorite part of this product might be the applicator. Its nozzle allows you to place the product directly onto your scalp, where buildup can do the most damage. You simply massage it in like shampoo, rinse it out and voila - no more buildup. Thanks micelles!

Micellar waters can be extremely versatile products. Whether you are looking for something to shake up your skincare routine, or finally cleansing your scalp of that dry shampoo buildup (you know who you are), this product can work for you in many different ways. The final verdict: this trend isn't going anywhere. It's time to add a product with micelles into your lineup.