Let's Start Over...

Let's Start Over | emmaelsewhere

Hi. I'm Emma.

We may have met before, but I wanted to spend a little time getting you acquainted with the new emmaelsewhere and what I'm looking forward to showing you over the next weeks/months/years. There aren't a ton of *huge* changes - but I do have a new perspective, and I'd love to explain it a bit before throwing a ton of new content at you!

When I first started emmaelsewhere in 2014, I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to come out of it. I knew that I enjoyed writing about fashion and beauty, and that blogging was a platform that was blowing up. As time went on, I started taking it more seriously and eventually found myself falling out of love with my hobby because of the pressure I was putting on myself.

Now, I'm taking a few steps back. With emmaelsewhere, I'm planning on allowing myself to enjoy the process of putting out content. I will still be writing about the things that I'm passionate about: fashion and beauty - with a hint of real life thrown in.

The Breakdown

In Fashion, I'll be covering the goings-on of the fashion industry - from my perspective. A great example of how you can expect to see this category evolving is my post about Kendall Jenner and Pepsi. This controversy held a lot of interesting consequences both for the general public and for the fashion and modeling industries. Things you won't see under this umbrella: runway reviews, personal style pieces and trend reports. I've always been particularly interested in the business side of fashion and I plan to use this as a guiding principle when writing content.

When it comes to Beauty, I'll be keeping it simple. Beauty industry opinion pieces, industry-wide trends and Beauty 101-type guides are the name of the game. You will not find tutorials or celebrity-based photo slideshows in this section of emmaelsewhere.

Living is a new category that I'm bringing into the emmaelsewhere portfolio. In this category you will find personal updates, how-to guides and TBD lifestyle content. This is one of the areas I am most excited to evolve over the course of the next few months. Feel free to weigh in on what you'd like to see!

Finally, the E-List category of my blog will house all of my "favorite" things. If there is a particular product that I'm loving, magazine that I'm reading or podcast that I can't stop listening to, it will be on the E-List. I'm even thinking of starting an emmaelsewhere book club! (Let me know if you would be interested in that!)

All in all, I am so thrilled to be following this new direction for my blog. Although the general concept is similar, I have a new perspective on creating content that I can't wait to embrace. I hope that you will continue to follow emmaelsewhere as it finds its footing, and that I can count on your support as I make these changes.