How to Find Your Fashion Tribe


Find Your Fashion Tribe | The E-List | Elsewhere Magazine If you're reading this, you're probably a "fashion girl". You are subscribed to at least three different big-name glossies, and maybe a few indie publications. You can identify designer clothing from a mile away. The worst part about having all of this passion: you haven't found someone to share it with! You've seen groups of blogger friends all over Instagram (so you know they exist!) and now you're looking for a fashion tribe of your very own. We get that - we're one of you.

The thing about being a fashion girl is that it can be difficult to find others who can relate to you. Sure, there are girls in Bio 101 that have cute style, but can they talk industry to you? There's that one co-worker who always seems to have a copy of Vogue nearby, but does she just skim it or will she want to discuss Public School's latest collection? Maybe you just live in a small town and don't think that anyone in your vicinity has the same passions. What's a fashion girl to do without a tribe to talk couture with?

Being a part of a community can give your obsessions a whole new meaning. Discussing industry issues and burgeoning trends only deepens your understanding of the fashion world. Reading the opinions of others will give you the knowledge, but discussing and debating that knowledge will lead to understanding.

So, where do you find the perfect people with which to share your love of sartorial info? How do you begin to create your fashion tribe?


This one requires the least amount of effort - all you need is an Instagram account and some time to scroll. Search hashtags that are relevant to your account or interests. For example: if you're a style blogger (or just like to follow style bloggers) look up #fblogger, #styleblogger, #ootd and #aboutalook. Scroll for awhile and "like" photos that you genuinely like, engage with the account that posted them by commenting on the post or sending them a quick direct message explaining what you liked about the photo and see if you can start a conversation. It's 2017 - cyber friends can definitely count as actual friends.

Talk to Strangers

Contrary to what your mom told you when you started your MySpace account, talking to strangers is one of the best ways to make new connections in the 21st century. Like in the tip mentioned above, you have to be willing to go out on a little bit of a limb and reach out to people who may seem intimidating and may not even reply to you. Instead of trying to get a major influencer to become your BFF, find a blog (or YouTube channel) that you really enjoy and start interacting with people in the comments section. More often than not, if you like a blog then you will like its readers too! This is a great way to meet new people and begin to feel like a part of a community if you don't feel like that's available to you in your real life location.

Get Local

If you're craving a bit more face-to-face interaction with your tribe, start to think about what types of local events other fashion-obsessed people would go to near you. If you're in a small town, you might start to think about events that occur in a large town near you instead. Events like fashion shows, events hosted by local magazines or newspapers, new restaurant openings and clothing donation drives are great to participate in in order to meet new people in your community.

Ask Them Out

So you've met a few people online, have had some great conversations in the comments section and feel like you might want to start talking outside the online space. This is where your quest to build a fashion tribe becomes a lot like dating. Now's the part where you take a deep breath and ask one of your cyber friends if they want to meet in person for a cup of coffee or schedule a Skype call. Think of this as an opportunity to grow a deeper bond with your newfound fashion friend and really solidify your friendship. It doesn't have to be awkward and it doesn't have to be scary - if you're genuinely excited about having a conversation with this person then what is stopping you? Once you've found a few incredible new friends, you can start having weekly lunch dates (online or in person) to discuss the latest industry news and exciting trends you've been seeing on the runway.

Join Our Fashion Tribe!

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