The Fashion Girl's Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet


There's just something about the New Year that makes you.... want to throw away all of your clothes.

We've all been there. The holiday brings about an attitude of change in everyone. New Year, New You, right? You've already come up with your list of resolutions including (but not limited to) getting fit, making more money, going on more vacations and finally cleaning out your hot mess of a closet. There are experts you can turn to for each of these resolutions, but most articles about closet organization only cover the basics. They don't know they're dealing with a Fashion Girl.

If your closet is full of trends like chokers, oversized jean jackets, corsets and the latest snakeskin boots, then we've got you. We feel your pain. Let us help you sort out your life (err...closet).


Get Everything off the Rack

First things first, it's time to do some damage. Take all of your garments off of their hangers, out of their drawers and out of the pile on your floor. You need to put everything in one place to truly realize how many clothes you have. Trust us - you do NOT need them all. The clothes that you end up donating will be much happier with someone else.


Fashion Show

This is our favorite part of the process - try every single piece of clothing on (including accessories)! This is the point in time where we give you a little tough love: If it doesn't fit you today, it's got to go. It doesn't pay to have the attitude that you might fit back into that pair of jeans someday, or that maybe the sweater that you accidentally shrunk in the dryer will become a trendy item. If it doesn't fit you now, if it doesn't look right on your body today, you are not going to wear it ever again. Throw it in the donation bin.


So Last Season

As a certified Fashion Girl, you know your collections. Tom Ford's Spring/Summer 2014 show? You can spout the inspiration and subsequent trends with the best of them. Why take a hands-off approach with your wardrobe? Now that you have eliminated the items that weren't flattering, it's time to turn your fashion-tuned eye to your closet. Does your current collection draw inspiration from recent trends, or out of date ideas? It may be time to ditch the fifty crop tops that you bought from Forever 21 two summers ago. That jean jacket from Madewell though? That can stay. Catch our drift?


Would Your Style Icon Wear It?

Fashion is all about having an identity through your clothing. The impression that you give off with your style can define you and speak about you before you utter a word. With this in mind, take a harder look at your clothing. Who do you model your aesthetic after? Would Jane Birkin wear this look? Kylie Jenner? Lauren Conrad? Rooney Mara? If your style icon wouldn't be caught dead in a piece, then why would you?


Three's Company

This one's simple. Of your remaining items, could each piece work with three different outfits? Excluding your special occasion items (formal dresses, etc.) each piece should be able to be mixed and matched with other pieces in your closet to create looks that are true to your aesthetic and make you genuinely happy. If you can only make a top work with one specific skirt, it might be time to donate it. On the other hand, if your brand new pair of leather ankle boots matches everything in your closet, then you know they deserve to stick around.


Finally...Is it Black?

No? Then get rid of it. Just kidding.