As The Leaves Turn


So far autumn has been... interesting. The past few months have included endless hours working on this website, creating and curating content for its pages, discussing the impending election, and rethinking the way that I've been looking at my future.

When I look back on these months, I know that it will be with great admiration for the people around me. There are so many people in my life who have urged me to follow my dreams and pursue my passions, without the usual caveats. It is incredible to see that our generation has found a way to look at life, not as a straight series of stepping stones leading to an end result, but as a continuous journey that can be altered without fear.

This season, I have found that fear has been my greatest vice. It has been fear that has held me back from launching this publication for so long - fear that the design would not be perfect, that I would not have enough content to make people interested and that my magazine would not stand out in a crowded industry. It has been fear  that has held me back from seeing more of the world - something I am going to begin to remedy this December when I head to New York City for the first time. It has been social fear and anxiety that has held me back from remaining connected to people that I love, even if all it takes is the courage to extend the invitation instead of waiting to be asked. It has been fear that has kept me from exploring all of life's options to the fullest.

Needless to say, this season there have been times of deep self-reflection that revealed things about myself that I wasn't always happy with. But from those difficult moments came the clarity that I have the ability to change the direction of my life at any given moment, that I am not stuck in my decisions and that the future is mostly murky but always worth it.

As autumn comes to a close, and we gear up for winter in Wisconsin (*sigh*), my hope for myself - and for you! - is that we are able to work on letting go of self-doubt and of the fear that things won't work out exactly the way we want them to. Let's promise to make this winter productive, memorable and perfectly imperfect.

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