London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Review


It's that time of year again! Fashion month is the time that we get to experience this creative world of fashion in all of its glory. With four different weeks of trend-setting collections, it is important to evaluate each show's stand-out pieces and concepts that will soon enter our own wardrobes. Elsewhere Magazine covers each week in this review series, giving our insights on our favorite collections and beauty looks that were featured on the runway.

Favorite Collections


When you think Erdem, you think florals and beautiful patterns - which is just what they served up this season. The flawless collection was one of the only ones that genuinely made me break into a grin upon viewing it. The Victorian trend of high collars and exquisite ruffles isn't going away anytime soon according to Erdem, and I'm okay with it. The bondage-esque straps add a certain toughness to otherwise feminine silhouettes, which explains why I was so drawn to this collection.

Erdem Spring/Summer 2017 London Fashion Week | Elsewhere Magazine

Topshop Unique

Topshop always brings the cool-girl vibe to London Fashion Week. Every top blogger and YouTuber in the UK sits in the front row, and most of the models that work the catwalk are among those that Vogue refers to as "Insta-Girls". I have to say, I bought into the hype this season. I loved the way that they took the streetwear trends that are so popular right now and upgraded them to a place of sophistication and elegance. Topshop knows what they're doing by harnessing the power of Instagram girls and Instagram trends. You can bet that you'll see all of your favorites rocking these looks in the spring.

Topshop Unique Spring/Summer 2017 London Fashion Week | Elsewhere Magazine

J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson is well-loved by the fashion set. His collections are known to be forward-thinking and innovative, never blending in with the crowd. I typically am not a huge fan of his collections (I tend to be more drawn to wearable looks), but something was a little different this season. J.W. Anderson did the one thing that I've always hoped he would do - he took wearable looks, then updated him with his innovative aesthetic. Turtlenecks were color blocked, with ruching to create flattering and interesting silhouettes. Midi dresses were given a bubble hem, all the more to accentuate volume. Handkerchief hems were lowered to a drop-waist, creating something entirely new. This collection was golden, without a misstep in sight.

J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2017 London Fashion Week | Elsewhere Magazine

Favorite Beauty Looks

Julien MacDonald

Julien MacDonald's runway beauty look was a breath of fresh air; the reason: it wasn't fresh. When most other designers opted for blank skin and bold brows, Julien MacDonald took a chance and gave us beauty lovers the dimensional eye we always swoon over. I love this golden inner corner, sharp shape and deep shading directly at the lash line. Paired with peony pink lips, this warm-toned smoky eye is actually wearable and definitely covetable by those with a penchant for beauty.

Julien MacDonald Spring/Summer 2017 Beauty London Fashion Week | Elsewhere Magazine

J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson played up his innovative edge by going mostly monochrome in his runway beauty look. The shade he chose makes this look. Terracotta cheekswarmed up an otherwise clean face, while lips were given a punch of sheer pumpkin. I love this unconventional color choice, and think it could work equally well for the upcoming fall months.

J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2017 Beauty London Fashion Week | Elsewhere Magazine

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou knows color. Her looks are often joyful and energetic, and the lipstick that her models rocked fit right in with that aesthetic. Models had different, bright pops of color that complimented their coloring. Other than this punch of neon, models had clean skin, combed brows and nothing else. To rock this look in real life, I would add a bit of mascara to give your eyes a more awake appearance.

Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2017 Beauty London Fashion Week | Elsewhere Magazine

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