The New Romantic: Taylor Swift's Gone Rogue


The New Romantic: Taylor Swift's Gone Rogue - a photo from @taylorswift's Instagram account at Coachella | As a Taylor Swift mega-fan, the latest cover of Vogue should have made me ecstatic. I should have been thrilled to see a cover and a feature editorial dedicated to my favorite celebrity. Instead I recall thinking "Ummm....what?"

The May issue of Vogue debuted a new look for Taylor, one that some thought (or hoped) was temporary and one that could essentially change the direction of her career.

Taylor has been a fashion darling for a few years now (every since she ditched the cowboy boots and ringlet curls, sorry Tay). She's rocked red carpets with her daring cutouts and interesting silhouettes and can conjure up photographers out of nowhere when she appears in public wearing yet another street style masterpiece. But no one would every venture so far as to call her edgy - inclined to take a risk, yes, but never edgy.

That's where Anna Wintour came in. After the incredible success of 1989, Taylor's latest album, she has commented that she's ready to take a break for awhile and perhaps experiment with a new sound. Vogue has a way of helping artists, both actresses and recording artists alike, take that next leap and expand the public's idea of what these celebrities can be. It seems to me that Anna Wintour and the Vogue team have spearheaded Taylor's rebranding by giving her this new look ahead of her co-hosting gig at the Met Gala.

What does this mean for Taylor? Although we loved 1989 (speaking for myself - I'm still obsessed with it), this new look definitely means she's taking a new direction, not just sartorially but musically. I foresee her next album having an edgier sound (perhaps a collaboration or two with Calvin Harris?) and even a bit of a grunge/rock influence. The way she has been dressing has already evolved into something new - see: Taylor's Instagram photos from Coachella. There is way more black/leather going on in those few pictures than she's probably ever worn in her entire life. It all feels a little less safe.

Here's the thing: I'm excited. To see someone who I've been following for years break out of yet another mold set forth for her by the public is invigorating. As someone who is getting ready to graduate college, I can feel myself yearning to do something similar - maybe not physically but in my career, my hobbies and even in my personal life. For those who are irked that she has changed up her look again just remember - Taylor Swift is 26. She is young. She is still figuring out who she is and where her talent can take her. There will be plenty more reinventions throughout her career. I'm just happy to be a bystander and see what's coming next.