When You Give a Girl a Mentor

When You Give a Girl a Mentor - Aliza Licht | emma-elsewhere.com

As someone who aspires to be a part of the strategic communication industry (especially the fashion aspect of it), I was thrilled when I heard that Aliza Licht had released a book detailing how to make it in the field.

Aliza Licht is the former @DKNYPRGirl, meaning she is legendary to people who have an interest in building communities through social media and public relations. She was the force behind this incredibly successful social media persona, making her one of the first in the fashion industry to realize the medium's potential. After revealing herself as the face behind the account, she continued to work as an executive for DKNY, leveraging her knack for communication for the brand until she decided to make the move that brought her into my orbit: she decided to write a book.

Leave Your Mark can be considered a new bible for those interested in PR, fashion, or anyone who wants to have a more consistent, positive social media image. Its lessons are extensive and eye-opening, and you even get a peek into Aliza's career at two fashion publications before her venture into PR with DKNY. The book reads as a mix between life lessons (as well as hilarious anecdotes) and career advice. I relished both parts equally.

Aliza's business-savvy is addicting and contagious; after readingLeave Your Mark, I had an urge to apply to hundreds of jobs and kill it at all of them.  I wanted to start my journey to my dream career NOW and I can think of nothing more that you'd want from a book. Leave Your Mark really is what Aliza says it is: "a mentorship in 288 pages". When I read that last page and closed the cover I felt fulfilled, but it also felt bittersweet. I had loved the book so much and I wanted more.

Luckily, only yesterday, Aliza Licht made another move that caused elation. She sent out the first edition of her new newsletter called "Blackboard". The newsletter will serve as a way for Aliza to share her thoughts - on careers, on goals and on life. I, for one, have subscribed and am anxiously awaiting the second edition.

If you haven't read Leave Your Mark yet, I highly suggest picking it up from your local bookstore and subscribing to Blackboard. If you need a little motivation, or are just interested to hear what working in fashion is really like (I know I was), Aliza Licht is your girl. I can't adequately describe how much I've learned from her already, but I can't wait to see what she does next.