Gigi Hadid Faces Body Backlash


When Gigi Hadid is getting body-hate, you know that we've hit a low in society. We've all noticed it before - the endless streams of comments on famous Instagrams, the social media trolls who pick apart everything a celebrity says, wears, eats, even thinks. We've picked ourselves apart in this same way, thinking that if people can find fault with even picture-perfect stars like Lauren Conrad, then our own faults must be more obvious than we thought. We think that supermodels, those with unbelievably lucky genes, unachievable bodies and impossible careers, are immune to such criticisms. Gigi Hadid would beg to differ.

During Fashion Month, arguably the most stressful time of year for anyone in the fashion industry, Gigi posted this to her Instagram:

Gigi Hadid Gets Body Hate |


The post quickly went viral, with Kendall Jenner, Tyra Banks and her sister Bella Hadid cheering her on. What's more interesting about the post though is how Gigi got her point across.

Gigi didn't skirt around the issue in her post. She openly stated that she was hurt by her critics, but that after self-reflection she was able to find a place of peace and feel grounded again. Gigi approaches the issue of body-image in the modeling industry with a frankness about the fashion world that is admirable. Gigi talks about how her body is not the typical body that you see walking in runway shows. When we look at Gigi we see a beautiful woman, with an enviable figure and gorgeous facial features. But she's right. Most runway models are stick-thin (even scarily so), without the curves that many women have, making them unrelatable. Gigi has curves, along with a thin physique, both relatable and an ideal.

Many people don't understand that the success of a model is based on a designer by designer basis. Gigi had to book every single runway show through a separate go-see (basically a model audition), meaning that each designer that booked her thought that she would make a great addition to their show. She does not receive special treatment from any designer. She articulates that online critics don't change the way designers see her - which is obvious through her continued success.

The fact that Gigi Hadid of all people had to defend herself from body-shamers is incredibly bizarre. This situation is an example of how some people will find any reason to say something negative about someone else. It's important to keep this in mind both when reading comments and when writing them. There is always another person on the other side of the screen.

Gigi Hadid's message to her followers (and ostensibly, the world) sends the right message. It's important to speak up and stand up for yourself if you're being attacked, and it's important to realize that your self-worth is stronger than any nasty comment. Gigi's message is also important for the fashion industry; she's making it clear that she's not going away anytime soon. Gigi may not be the typical runway model but she's setting the stage for a change in the industry, a change that I'm looking forward to seeing.