Fall 2015 Beauty Routine


Fall Beauty Routine | emma-elsewhere.com Makeup in the autumn is my favorite. People tend to get more creative and experimental this time of year. Whether it's the change in temperature or change in foliage that's most inspiring, beauty junkies get seriously into makeup in the fall. Here's how I change up my routine to fit the season:

1. Defined Brows

Brows are my trademark, but they're especially important for a put-together look in the fall. Forgo your typical brow gel or powder routine and invest in a pencil for this season. It will help you shape your brows just the way you want them, fill in any bald spots and make them appear bolder and darker in general. I would highly recommend the Anastasia Brow Wiz (my go-to, I've gone through at least 4 tubes this past year), but I've heard that Nyx makes an affordable dupe. Look for a pencil with a soft consistency - you don't want to accidentally pull any hairs out while trying to fill them in!

2. Focus on your Skin

Fall is not the time to start skimping on your skincare routine. While we have all felt the urge to curl up in a warm, cozy bed right after taking off our makeup, assuring ourselves that it's "good enough", this decision only results in parched, cracky skin this time of year. Invest in a mask that will soothe your skin after a day of exposure to the elements (I just started using Rosy Cheeks from Lush), apply a thick night cream before you head to bed and make sure to ALWAYS put on lotion when you get out of the shower. Another thing to consider: getting a humidifier for your room. My roommate and I have been waking up with dry throats for about a month now and, after considering the extra benefits for our skin and hair, we have decided to make the investment.

3. Stick to Smudgy

While a sharp cat-eye suits some people, it's impossible to go wrong with a smudgy eye look. Simple to execute and simple to pull off (because it goes with everything) this take on eyeshadow finds its home in the fall. Apply a neutral-toned matte shade in the crease of your eyelid using windshield wiper motions until all harsh lines are blurred. Add a highlight shade all over the lid (feel free to use a shade with shimmer here!) , and a darker tone on the outer corner. It's usually easy to find all of these colors in one palette. Draw a thin line against your lash line with a dark neutral toned eyeliner and, here's the fun part, blend all of this together so it's a smoky mess. Voila, you've basically achieved that supermodel-style "I couldn't care less about my makeup" look.

4. Try Burgundy Eyeshadow

While the look I described above uses neutral tones, it's possible to expand the way you view "neutral" in the fall. When the leaves start to change, switch it up by using a burgundy eye shadow in the crease. The warm tones of the shadow will complement other neutrals, and as long as it's not applied all the way around your eye you won't look like you have pink-eye. Think of it like a dark brown: blend it out with sand or camel tones to keep it soft, or deepen it with a black matte shadow.

5. Berry-Toned Nude Lips

Nude lips are universally flattering and they become even more beautiful when the temperatures start to drop. If you're not into the deep purples or berry tones that many makeup artists push this time of year, try a darker nude. My personal favorite this season has been Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in 104. The texture of these lipsticks is legendary - both hydrating and almost bare-feeling on the lips. This formula is a great one for beginners who don't like the feeling of lip products or are just getting used to wearing color.