Confessions of a Model Snob: Runway Report S/S 2016


That's all folks, Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Month has come to an end. Once again we were treated to detailed designs, conceptualized collections and runway shows that bridged the gap between lavish and outlandish. While the clothes were gorgeous (and they were) the models this season were particularly interesting. Designers have been pushed in the past few seasons to focus on diversity while casting models and I'm not so sure that it showed up on the runway. There is still a lot of room for improvement as far as runway diversity goes, but I was pleased to see a slight increase in the number of models who were not simply blonde-haired and pale-skinned. In fact, all of my favorite models from this season have something a little different about them, something a little off, a little interesting, something that makes them more model-y than the rest.

Willow Hand

Confessions of a Model Snob: Runway Report - Willow Hand |

Willow Hand has a different face. This obvious fact can be seen by anyone who glances at the model, described quickly with one word- interesting. Willow has taken that word and run with it, walking in 20 shows this season, only the second of her young career. Those shows included big name labels like Chanel, Valentino and Oscar de la Renta. For a newcomer, Willow has drawn a lot of attention from legends in the industry. This young model has been compared to Gemma Ward, one of the great models of our time, because of her doll-like, innocent looks. Her square face and wide-set eyes make for a photogenic set of features,as well as original ad campaigns. Needless to say, it's only up from here for Willow.


Irina Shnitman

Confessions of a Model Snob: Runway Report - Irina Shnitman |

Irina Shnitman is a designer's model. Her facial features lend themselves to reinvention, allowing designers' imaginations to run wild. Booked for these reasons (and her innate ability to walk a runway), Irina graced 31 runways this season, including those of Dolce and Gabbana and Marchesa. Her editorial spreads for Vogue Russia and Harper's Bazaar Kazakhstan have shown her punked out and edgy, but her facial features allow her to transition into whatever the designer's ideal vision is. She is alluring and bright, capturing the attention of designers as well as street style photographers throughout the year. Irina is represented by IMG in 3 cities, as well as Women Milan in Milan and Iconic Management in Berlin.


Amilna Estevao

Confessions of a Model Snob: Runway Report - Amilna Estevao |

It's easy to see why Amilna Estevao made this list. She is incredibly stunning and unique, with almond eyes framed by thick eyebrows. In the same line of thought, it is easy to see why she was a standout this season, walking in 35 shows this season including Bottega Veneta and Topshop. Her gorgeous features have earned her countless editorial spreads with magazines ranging from i-D to Porter. If there's one face from this list to keep an eye on, it's Amilna.


Molly Bair

Confessions of a Model Snob: Runway Report - Molly Bair |

Molly Bair has been everywhere. She is one of the few models who managed to capture the attention of those beyond the inner-fashion realm, standing out in a sea of "boring" beauties. Molly is one of those rare models with both the physical attributes to make it in the industry and the personality to make a name for herself beyond it. Currently ranked in the Top 50 Models list on, Molly is well on her way to becoming a household name. She walked in 29 shows this season and has graced the pages of many top magazines in campaigns for Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Coach, all big names for such a young model. Molly is represented by The Society Management (the same agency as Adriana Lima and Caroline Trentini) in New York and Elite in five other cities around the globe.