Underrated Style Stars


Underrate Style Stars - Dakota Johnson, Kate Mara, Emma Watson | emma-elsewhere.com Pop culture can get a little boring. It seems like every time you open a magazine, or turn on the TV, you see the same celebrities featured over and over. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and even my fave Taylor Swift can't step outside without hundreds of cameras being trained on them, their every outfit chronicled by tabloids around the country. These women are known for their incredible style, but they aren't the only ones who should be given some credit.

Kate Mara

Underrated Style Stars - Kate Mara | emma-elsewhere.com

Kate Mara is a House of Cards alumna and a star of the upcoming Fantastic Four remake. Beyond her perfect bob (now a pixie), Kate deserves way more style cred than she gets. She has the ability to pair casual separates in a way that creates sophisticated looks that still have ease. Look to Kate for inspo if you like to look effortless.

Lizzy Caplan

Underrated Style Stars - Lizzy Caplan | emma-elsewhere.com

You probably know her as Janice Ian from Mean Girls, but Lizzy Caplan is currently KILLING IT on the hit show Masters of Sex. With success on-screen comes many red carpet appearances and Lizzy has been dominating those as well. She brings an interesting point of view to the red carpet, never sticking to a specific style and always pushing the envelope. You'll love Lizzy's looks if your style tends to be unexpected.

Dakota Johnson

Underrated Style Stars - Dakota Johnson | emma-elsewhere.com

Dakota Johnson is the star of the movie adaptation of the bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Gray. Unlike her character's modern, minimalistic style, Dakota tends to choose retro-inspired pieces. Her color palette is muted and mostly black (which is probably why I draw a lot of inspiration from her), adding a grunge-y vibe to her street style. Start pinning Dakota's outfits if you're looking for a vintage edge.

Emma Watson

Underrated Style Stars - Emma Watson | emma-elsewhere.com

Right now you might be thinking to yourself: Emma Watson is not underrated. Although she's a bonafide style superstar, I honestly don't think she gets the same notoriety as other celebrities who can't compare to her sartorial spunk. Emma consistently breaks boundaries when it comes to fashion, fearlessly taking the plunge into new trends before anyone else. Let Emma's style make its way into your wardrobe if you're feeling fashion-forward.

Jessica Alba

Underrated Style Stars - Jessica Alba | emma-elsewhere.com

Jessica Alba has been laying low for the past year or so. As the CEO of an awesome business, The Honest Company (seriously check it out, it's great), she's been focusing more on being a businesswoman than living a celebrity lifestyle. Good news for us: we've been seeing a lot more of her street style. As a lover of denim, I can't help but find myself obsessing over how many different ways she incorporates the textile into her styles. Channel Jessica if your aesthetic is downtown chic.