Gigi Hadid Has Staying Power


Gigi Hadid Guess Campaign | You've been seeing her everywhere, from Guess billboards to magazine covers.

Gigi Hadid first broke into the fashion scene in 1997 at the tender age of two. Discovered by Paul Marciano, the genius behind the Guess brand, her first campaigns were for Baby Guess. Gigi continued to star in Guess campaigns, and continues to work with them now as a true Guess Girl, until she was signed by IMG in 2011. If this means nothing to you just know that IMG is the agency that is also home to Gisele, Karlie and Kate Moss. It's kind of a big deal.

Guess could have been the only thing Gigi ever booked and it would have made her a lot of money. Commercial brands like Guess and Victoria's Secret bring in the big bucks for models, but not necessarily the high fashion notoriety. Gigi was looking for more - and she found it in the pages of CR Fashion Book.

Carine Roitfeld, former EIC of Vogue Paris, French fashion icon and current EIC of CR Fashion Book, saw something in Gigi before nearly anyone else in the industry. Carine saw the undeniable potential of Gigi, all blonde curls and golden skin, innocence and mystery. Tom Ford, a close friend of Carine's, soon hopped on board and cast Gigi in his fragrance campaign for Velvet Orchid.

The rest is history.

After seeing her covering the September issue of W Magazine the question must be asked: Will Gigi Hadid make it in the modeling industry? 

Here's why I say yes:

  • She's undeniably beautiful - Her half-Dutch, half-Palestinian genes resulted in extraordinary features. Almond-shaped eyes, golden skin and full lips give her a unique look that is unlike anyone else's in the modeling world right now. I love seeing models who don't look stereotypically European getting recognition.
  • She's versatile - Remember how I was saying before that it's difficult to book commerical and editorial jobs in the same career? Gigi's already done that and she's 20 years old. Do you know who else has made that difficult jump? Karlie Kloss, Gisele Bundchen and Tyra Banks. *drops mic*
  • She's connected - *picks mic up again* One of the most important aspects of a model's career these days is her social media following. Gigi Hadid boasts 521,000 followers on Twitter and 5 million followers on Instagram. She's part of Taylor Swift's #GirlSquad, vacations with Kendall Jenner and is dating a Jonas brother. Need I say more?
  • She's envy-inducing - Let's be real. The best sign that a model is going to make it big? People want to be her. With her ability to switch between being a bombshell for Guess, a badass spy for Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video and a fun-loving golden girl on her Instagram, Gigi can relate to nearly everyone's ideals.

If I haven't fully convinced you, just take a minute to peruse her spread in W. The girl's going to be a star. You'll only be seeing more of Gigi Hadid come Fashion Month.