Summer Beauty Routine: Poolside


Summer Beauty Routine: Poolside - Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris | Whether or not the weather reflects it, it's finally summer. Long days filled with chlorine and warm breezes are in your future along with less glamorous things like sweat and melted makeup. Spending your day near a body of water will always sound like a good idea. Admit it, you're wishing you were on a floating swan somewhere right now.

For a beauty-obsessed person like me, the pool-day has always been a bit confusing. People seem to be either on the no-makeup no-effort team or the glammed up team, where hair and makeup still apply. If you're like me, neither of these sound all that appealing. I want to look like a glowier, fresher version of my sleep-deprived self (8 hours just doesn't do it for me) but I don't want to look like I took a long time to do something about it. After years of experience I have narrowed my poolside routine down to five easy steps and I'm ready to share them with you just in time for your first cannonball.

1. Go for a Braid

Braids are a perennial summer favorite for two reasons: they are sweat-proof and they keep your hair off of your neck. However, they are also great for pool days because they last through a long swim or water volleyball and once dried can be taken out to reveal pretty, beachy waves. If you have naturally wavy hair and want to embrace it, try a waterfall braid. It will add a subtle bohemian vibe to your hair without any effort. For short hair like mine, a crown braid may work best to sweep hair out of your face.

2. Use Sunscreen

You've heard it time and time again, but there is a reason sunscreen is brought up so much. The sun can do harmful damage to your skin, causing premature aging and potentially cancer. If these awful consequences aren't enough to get you to start slathering on the Banana Boat (and they should be enough) then start thinking of sunscreen as a moisturizer. Your skin will thank you for keeping it soft while ensuring its health.

3. Try a Tinted Lip Balm

As a devoted follower of Taylor Swift, there is nothing I like more than a bright lip color. However, a sheer version of your favorite summer shade is more appropriate for the pool. Fuchsia becomes less wild when used as a lip balm while orange comes out beautifully coral. Try Revlon Lip Butters or Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm for the perfect flush of color.

4. Freshen up with Micellar Water

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a day by the pool and constantly thinking about how the sweat on your forehead is going to result in clogged pores later. No? Just me? Well now the thought is in your head so let me tell you how to get around this skin issue. Micellar water is a new find for me and I am OBSESSED. I typically use it at night as a makeup remover because it is gentle on my sensitive skin, but it would be just as awesome in your beach bag. Because it is incredibly cooling and hydrating, micellar water will refresh your skin, removing surface-level dirt and oil while cooling you off. Simple Skincare is one of the few companies that has released a micellar water in the United States, but their offering is a bestseller worldwide.

And, if you must wear makeup...

5. Waterproof Mascara is your New Best Friend

So maybe you're going to a pool party where you want to impress someone by looking your best but remaining effortless. Waterproof mascara will define your lashes and open up your eyes, making you look fresh and rested. Tarte's Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara is on the expensive side, but it truly works in chlorine and in the ocean. Just remember, NO RUBBING. No mascara can stand up to water and physical attempts at removal.