Summer of Me | emma-elsewhere.comAll of my birthdays are starting to blend together. 18 felt the same as 19, which felt the same as 20, etc.  As I rounded the corner toward my senior year of college over the past week, it hit me even harder that life wasn't going to be this carefree forever. I didn't want 21 to feel like any other year. Flash forward to my idea for this series: The Summer of Me. With a wonderfully cliche, but relevant, title in hand, I have decided to break the cycle of monotony. This summer, I am going to take more time for myself: to make memories, to explore and to be a kid. I'll be posting recaps of my quest here on my blog and I hope that you'll enjoy following along on my adventure.

As of now, I have no plans as to what I'm going to do or write about in this series. But that's kind of the point isn't it? We'll see where life takes me and I'll meet it when it comes. I'm looking forward to sharing all of this with you!

xx, Emma