Fonferek Glen


If it wasn't for my best friend Meghan I would have probably stayed in bed all day. That's how I've enjoyed spending my past few summers: lazily wasting the day away cuddled in piles of blankets in an air-conditioned house, only emerging from my cocoon to race to the fridge for a snack, pausing Netflix or setting down my book until I returned. After posting my intro to this series earlier this week, I felt like I had fully committed myself to making this summer different. I knew that I didn't want the days to fly by without any meaning, but I didn't know exactly where to start.

When I told Meghan that I was having trouble thinking of a good first adventure she immediately suggested hiking at Fonferek Glen. I had never heard of it, which seemed like a great reason for it to be the first place I explored as a part of my #SummerofMe (ironic hashtag included, obviously).

Needless to say, Fonferek was gorgeous. It had been so long since I had been surrounded by untouched nature that I was in awe of everything around me. It's true what they say about the outdoors having a calming effect on a person. I felt invigorated just by the feeling of hard rock under my feet, the sound of water rippling through rocks and crashing at the bottom of a waterfall, the smell of crisp air and even the buzzing of mosquitos around my face (kind of). All of this is difficult to describe in detail, so I've included some photos from my first adventure.

Fonferek Glen | emma-elsewhere.comFonferek Glen | emma-elsewhere.comFonferek Glen | emma-elsewhere.comFonferek Glen | emma-elsewhere.comFonferek Glen | Fonferek Glen | emma-elsewhere.comFonferek Glen | Fonferek Glen | Fonferek Glen | Fonferek Glen |

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of #SummerOfMe! Stay tuned for many more.