Do You Even YouTube?


If you're anything like me you can spend a good fifteen minutes discussing different mascaras. The volumizing kind, the lengthening kind, the benefits of waterproof vs. regular, false fiber types, colored options, high-end vs. drugstore and even mascara wands made specifically for your lower lashes. Beauty products have piqued my interest ever since I started subscribing to magazines. However, beauty is one of those things that makes you feel like if you know only a little bit about it, you don't know anything. So to find out more about this mysterious world I went to the all-knowing source: YouTube - and soon I was hooked. If you've never given beauty guru videos a try, and you feel like spending hours on the internet trying to keep up with your favorite YouTubers, here are a few good places to start:

GlamLifeGuru - Tati Westbrook

Do You Even YouTube? Tati Westbrook Glam Life Guru |

Tati is one of my all-time favorite YouTubers. Her knowledge of beauty products is endless, and I think this is one of the reasons I most admire her. Unlike many YouTubers she doesn't resort to meaningless descriptions ("this product is amazing!" "this is so beautiful!"): she actually knows what she's talking about. Whether it's Tom Ford eyeshadows or an extreme-couponing style trip to the drugstore makeup aisle you want to hear about, Tati's your girl.

Amelia Liana

Do You Even YouTube? Amelia Liana |

Amelia Liana, first of all, is a gorgeous human being. Seriously, I would take hair product recommendations from her any day if my hair could look like hers. I watch Amelia's videos when I am in the mood to learn about the latest luxury releases, her beauty favorites, or her many thoughts on skincare. Before watching Amelia's videos, and reading her blog, I had no idea there were so many ways to wash your face. Bonus: She's British!

Beautyosaurus Lex - Alex Good

Do You Even YouTube? Alex Good - Beautyosaurus Lex |

Beautyosaurus Lex was one of my better discoveries on YouTube. Her URL is adorable and she's incredibly down to earth and easy to listen to. While she doesn't have 100,000 subscribers, as some on this list do, her opinions carry a weight similar to theirs. She has never steered me wrong in a product purchase. Having an ever-present black labrador retriever doesn't hurt either. In even better news: This guru is from Wisconsin! She gets the whole "winter skin" thing and has endless recommendations for those of us who are frequently subjected to below-zero temps.

Velvetgh0st - Gabby Lindley

Do You Even YouTube? Gabriella Lindley - velvetgh0st |

Gabby Lindley is a British YouTuber whose sass is unrivaled. Following this gem on Twitter and Instagram always makes me laugh, because she never lets her haters get away with posting hurtful comments. She has a way of dealing with people that is both hilarious and no-nonsense. Her videos are some of the only ones that I watch as soon as they're published. She's great at creating classic looks (like the Kendall Jenner inspired one above) as well as recommending products that I always seem to love.

Shani Grimmond

Do You Even YouTube? Shani Grimmond |

Last, but not least, is Shani Grimmond, an Australian YouTuber who is a walking, talking advertisement for self-tanner. Seriously how does it look that beautiful and even? I'm still too nervous to take the plunge. I first followed Shani on Tumblr before realizing that she had started a YouTube channel. Shani isn't afraid to sound silly to her viewers and often pulls hilariously ugly faces when she messes up the pronunciation of some annoyingly uppity-named product. Shani is a queen at highlighting under her eyes Kim Kardashian-style, and her first-impressions videos are gold.


Who are your favorite YouTubers? Let me know in the comments!