Haters Gonna Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate


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2014 has been a great year for Taylor Swift.

The singer/songwriter has not only been promoting a new album, making friends with every "it-girl" both in the United States and across the pond, but also stepping out in style EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. she leaves the house.  Seriously, I want to know how this girl has curated such a pleasant collection of shifts and separates.

I know, I know, celebrities have stylists.  However, selecting a style that fits a celebrity (especially one so visible as Taylor Swift) perfectly, seeming to emulate their exact vibe, is tricky business.  Think about how it feels when you go shopping.  When you were younger you grabbed whatever you liked on the racks, tried the pieces on (maybe), threw them on the counter to have them rung up, then brought them home.  Inevitably half of the items you purchased remained hanging in your closet for years, barely worn.

As you've gotten older, you've also gotten wiser about the shopping process.  Sifting through hangers, you now carefully choose pieces that are distinctly your personal style.  You can't select just any top anymore.  Does it go with anything else in your closet?  Most importantly: will you actually wear it?  More on that later.

Taylor Swift Street Style | emma-elsewhere.com

Taylor Swift's stylist knows what she's doing in this department.  Whether it is summer or fall, Taylor's looks reflect a knowledge of fashion and a unique combination of the trendy and the retro.

Taylor knows how to combine playful, feminine pieces with athletic or even menswear-inspired outerwear.  Blazers, cardigans and brogues are common staples in Swift's repertoire.  Her ability to transition between hipster, mod or glamorous attire while remaining true to her own aesthetic is frankly astounding.

Some of my favorite Swift looks are featured above.  Pink patterned separates are cool and current rather than overtly feminine and over the top.  The sleeveless crop top shows off Taylor's slim frame, while revealing only the most modest sliver of skin.  Nude wedges and a leather bag keep the look grounded.

Being a denim junkie, I was blown away by Taylor's iteration of a denim shirt dress.  This silhouette is a difficult one to pull off because of the lack of shape.  However, Taylor's take incorporated a leather belt which helped to cinch in her waist and show off her form.  The dress itself was a slimmer cut, less "girl-wearing-boyfriend's-shirt" and more "made-with-a-woman-in-mind".

Also can we talk about her hair, just for a second?  Have you ever seen someone with a more perfect shag?  The girl rocks short hair like no other.

Finally, Swift's version of black and white is on trend and sophisticated.  Sticking with a crop top that reveals only a bit of skin, this look is about a monochromatic palette that isn't unapproachable.  The pattern featured on the shorts keeps the outfit modern and interesting, where the long-sleeve top could have been boring and too simple.

People say a lot of things about Taylor Swift, many of them outright rude and shameful.  However, as Taylor continues to dominate the world both with her music and her style, she shows us all how to brush off the dissenters.

Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, right?

What are your favorite Taylor Swift looks?  Tell me in the comments below!