It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Great White Shark on Shark Week | Hello!

Dear friends, my favorite season is upon us and I have been going out of my mind with excitement. No, not summer or even autumn, but that rare season that only lasts a week:


My obsession with all things sharky started when I was about 14. Discovery Channel's annual worship of these majestic beasts only served to further fan the flames, and I was soon absorbing any shark-related content I could get my hands on.  Over the years I have been an avid viewer of Shark Week, with my favorite programs including the Air Jaws series and any episode related to the tagging and tracking of sharks.

Last summer, however, Shark Week took a turn for the fictional. Seemingly oblivious to their history of providing factual information regarding the conservation of many endangered species of shark, Discovery Channel aired "Megalodon: The Monster Shark" as a part of its Shark Week premiere.  This "mockumentary" was not identified as such and had many viewers believing that the crew's cameras had caught multiple shark attacks attributed to the prehistoric creature.

Although Megalodon did exist in the past, it is highly unlikely that such a creature is still roaming the oceans today.  This summer, Discovery Channel took a different tack and merely revamped the Megalodon episode to feature a legendary 35-foot shark called "Submarine" that is rumored to live off of the coast of South Africa.  Yet again, the fictional nature of this "mockumentary" was left to be debated by the internet.

My dismay at Discovery Channel's lack of integrity relates back to my early love of sharks.  Without Shark Week I wouldn't know half of what I do today about these fish, and having to question whether this year's programming is fact or fiction puts a sour taste in my mouth.

However, I will still be watching every new episode this week, simply because it is now a tradition.  To prepare myself for the jawesomeness of the event, I had my nails painted in the likeness of my favorite creature.  Who said Shark Week can't be stylish?

Shark Nails |

See you soon,