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I’ve heard a lot about working from home – both good and bad. From those who love it, words like “flexibility”, “productivity” and “creativity” are often uttered. Those who aren’t a fan of this lifestyle talk about procrastination and loss of professionalism. They cite weeks where they barely changed out of their pajamas, much less did their hair or makeup. The words “work from home beauty” simply did not exist in their vocabulary. Regardless, I was still curious.

In a fortuitous turn of events, I recently started a new position from which I get to work from home. To say that I was thrilled, both with this new position and the opportunity to minimize my lunch budget, is to put it lightly. I’m so excited to be working with this innovative new company!

My first course of action as a beauty blogger was to consider how I could adjust my routine to make it shorter and more lightweight. My inspiration was a mix between a Glossier vibe and model-off-duty makeup. That sort of light-coverage (but still color-corrected), natural yet defined look was exactly what I was going for.

Even if you don’t work from home, this work from home beauty routine can still work for you. Whether you’re looking for a minimal makeup routine or something that will have you looking great in your next selfie, check out the tips below for a perfect #MOTD.

Let’s Get Hydrated

This has hands down been the biggest switch in my beauty routine since I started working from home. I’ve noticed that heat/air conditioning (depending on the Wisconsin weather) takes a toll on my skin, more than an office environment had. For this reason, my work from home beauty routine actually begins the night before.

I’ve been focusing on my skincare routine more intently as well (more on that to come!), and that includes a rich moisturizer in the evening. I received the Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb in a recent Sephora Play! Box and have been loving it. It leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated and keeps it that way until I rinse it off in the morning.

In the A.M., I use a lighter moisturizer from Aveeno and a moisturizing primer like the Becca First Light Filter, which also wakes up any sallowness.

Cream Products Are Your Best Friend

I say this as someone whose T-zone gets greasy on the reg, cream products can work for you. I promise. The ones that I’ve been gravitating for are face products – namely blush and highlighter. Since I was going for a Glossier vibe, they were the first ones to augment my makeup collection. The Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk is an incredible product for gorgeous pigment that can double as a blush and an almost contour on my skin tone. It’s a brown-y pink, which is perfect for warming up my winter skin. Yes, I have winter skin already – this is Wisconsin after all.

For highlight, I’ve fallen in love with the highly reflective Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight. I got a sample-sized version of this liquid metal in my Sephora Play! Box this past month and thought I’d give it a shot after hearing rave reviews on YouTube. While the formula can dry down quickly, I’ve found that making sure your skin is hydrated helps this highlight stay smooth and blended. Another pro tip: DO NOT put this on top of skin that has been set with powder.

Naturally Defined Eyes

With a lighter, more natural base, it’s important to use products that can keep your eyes defined so that your face doesn’t end up looking blank. Of course, the first pieces of this puzzle are your eyebrows. Defined and feathered eyebrows give your face dimension and structure, so let’s start there! I have moved on to the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Shape and Fill Pencil, which has a triangle tip for precision. I’ve started using a lighter shade so that I can fill in my brows without having them turn out blocky. Another product I’ve been using to create that feathered look is the iconic Benefit Gimme Brow. This product bulks up my brow hairs to make them look thicker and give them more dimension than pencil alone.

Beyond brows, I’ve been reaching for the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette to create an earth-toned eye look. I use a warm brown shade in my crease to create a shadow there, a dark brown shade on the outer corner for definition and a shimmery, lighter shade in the center of my lid to keep my eyes looking bright. After I swipe on my trusty L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara, I’m good to go!

These tips make my work from home beauty routine so simple. By defining your features and keeping your base minimal, you can show up to your next video call looking fresh and ready to take on the world – or just ready for your next selfie.

The E-List: Best of Beauty 2016

Elsewhere Magazine 2016 Beauty Favorites | Elsewhere Magazine

Happy 2017! The past year has been an… interesting one. Behind the madness, there were moments where I was able to forget about all that was going on in the world and just appreciate the little things – like a great makeup day. As so many YouTubers have done, I have put together a list of my favorite products from 2016. Unlike most YouTubers, I don’t have a product for every category – just a plain and simple list of the makeup (and hair products) that have made me genuinely happy this year.

Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer

This was the primer that I reached for for the majority of the year. Although it was very hydrating, it never made my combination skin feel greasy – even in the summer months. I knew that I could rely on this primer to give me an extra boost of hydration, without irritants or clogged pores.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Dewy & Smooth

I was shocked when I realized how much I loved this foundation. As someone with typically oily/combination skin, I have been addicted to matte formulas for years in order to try to keep the shine at bay. However, with the advent of extreme highlighter and the strobing trend, I recently decided to embrace shine. In a way, I think it makes skin look more alive! This foundation does exactly what it says it will do; it leaves skin dewy and smooth, with no flaws in sight.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

There’s a reason that this is the only concealer that I’ve been using for the past three years. It is extremely blendable, but has enough pigment to cover up discoloration – whether that’s from a spot or from sleepless nights.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Peach

This product has been my lifesaver this year. I had never added a color corrector to my routine before, but it made an insane amount of difference. This particular formula was creamy and pigmented enough to cancel out my dark circles – which is saying something. If you need help with undereye discoloration, layer this under your concealer.

L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer

After convincing myself that I didn’t need (slash couldn’t afford) the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz  (I’ll always love you <3), I fell in love with the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer. It has the same small pencil point and the perfect spooly brush on the opposite end. The only problem with this product is that the color selection is not great!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup by Mario Palette

This palette is the love of my life. Upon swatching perfectly buttery shade after perfectly buttery shade at Sephora, I sprinted to the checkout counter and purchased this palette perfection. It contains so many gorgeously wearable colors that blend like a dream – without losing their pigment. My personal favorites are Isabel, Kim, Marina and Paris. Let’s just say I do not regret this investment.

L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

This mascara has been my ride or die ever since my BFF Kelsey suggested it to me. It is black – the blackest black – and has a stunning formula. It makes my lashes look longer and thicker than they’ve ever looked and I’m never going back to any other mascara. Sorry Too Faced Better than Sex – you’re not better than the L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle

This is the only highlighter you need. Yes, I said it. Even if you’re addicted to makeup like I am (as are many of my friends), you can get by with only this highlighter in your kit. It’s a perfectly pinky champagne shade with a gold reflect – giving you a lively glow without ever accentuating texture on your cheeks. I use it on my cheekbones, down the center of my nose, on my cupid’s bow, on my collar bones, on my shoulders…

Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Blush in Rosé Champagne

This blush, while only setting you back $2.99, will fulfill all of your highly pigmented rosy cheeked- dreams. Instead of applying it just to the apples of my cheeks, I’ve been experimenting with sweeping it back toward my hairline and I’ve found that it accentuates my cheekbones a bit more.

Mac 217 Blending Brush

I own four of these. Enough said.

Glossier Super Pure Serum

This was the first item that I purchased from Glossier and it blew me out of the water. I credit this serum with single-handedly stopping my perioral dermatitis from coming around this winter (as it has every winter since I turned 18 – awesome). I use it only at night, after cleansing my face thoroughly and I follow it with a thick moisturizer from Aveeno. This serum is meant for skin that has issues with redness and breakouts which is just my style. If you frequently tell your skin to “calm down”, then you need this serum in your life.

Foreo Luna Mini 2

I recently got this Foreo Luna Mini 2 for Christmas, but it has already quickly changed my skincare game. Get this – it’s made washing my face fun. I know, crazy talk, but it feels like I’m giving my face a mini massage every night when I cleanse my skin. Its bristles are made of silicone, which means that bacteria doesn’t grow on them, which also means that you don’t have to replace the Luna Mini 2. It also holds a charge for months so you don’t have to worry about bringing your charger with you when you travel.

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

This was the year that I became obsessed with the ingredients in my products, which led me to toss out all of the face washes I was using that contained salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. While they are effective at treating spots for a time, they can dry out your skin and irritating it into breaking out even further. No thanks. This cleansing milk promised a deep, but non-irritating clean and it delivered. I use this in conjunction with my Foreo Luna Mini 2 every night for a deep clean that leaves my skin soft, not stripped.

Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo

I’ve documented my scalp issues thoroughly on this website in the past, but I’ve never laid out what product has brought my scalp the balance it craved. While I frequently flip flopped between having an oily scalp with dandruff issues to a dry, flaky scalp, I tried product after product to get rid of issue after issue. What I needed all along was balance, and this shampoo gave me just that.

L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray

This is the only hairspray that I use (again, another recommendation from my friend Kelsey) and it has never done me wrong. From long hair to short hair, I have been able to use this brushable, strong hold to its full advantage. It allows me to have those textured, tousled waves that always seem to be in style without making my hair sticky or damaged. Bonus points for protecting my colored hair from UV damage.

ColourPop Haul

ColourPop Products |

You might say my ColourPop products are… well loved
Lip Products from L to R: Lyin’ King, Echo Park, Dopey, Naked Ladies, Spritz, Midi, Brink
Cheek Products from L to R: Between the Sheets, Aphrodisiac

By now, you’ve heard of ColourPop. You’ve heard of the inexpensive prices, the drama surrounding the similarity between their formula and Kylie Jenner’s  lip kits. You’ve heard about their countless celebrity collaborations. But have you tried the products?

I took my first dive into the ColourPop world about a month ago and have since placed and received another order (spoiler alert: I love ColourPop). I wanted to walk you through what I’ve purchased and what I like about each product. Get ready to be tempted!


Colourpop Ultra Satin LipsColourPop Lip Swatches |

The ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip formula is the most comfortable of their lip formulas. It has a demi-matte finish without drying down fully and sucking the moisture out of your lips. It is not completely transfer-proof, but that’s to be expected from a non-drying formula. This is the formula that I continue to covet over any of the others on their website. The lip swatches above are in the same order left to right as they are mentioned below.

Lyin’ King – A super-pigmented raspberry shade. Makes your teeth look very white!

Echo Park – My go-to nude. It has a brown undertone that is very flattering.

Dopey – A gray-tone mauve. Gives you a very edgy look without being dark. It looks a little chunky in the photo, but comes out smooth on the lips.

Naked LadiesA watermelon-toned red. Perfect for summer.

Spritz – A purple-y bubblegum pink. Love this for a tropical look!


ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips

The ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips formula is still incredibly comfortable. After wearing this formula all day (and believe me, it lasts all day), I don’t end up with cracked lips that need TLC. I can wear this formula multiple days in a row without any problems. It is a true matte formula – it completely dries down and does not transfer. I only own one shade right now, but after perusing the color selection while writing this article, you can bet that more will make their way into my next order.

Midi – A light beige-y pink. Flatters pink-toned skin.


Colourpop Lip Pencils

When I first became obsessed with makeup and found myself spending hours watching YouTube, the only lip liners I heard about were M.A.C. lip liners. I was obsessed. When I received one for Christmas, I couldn’t wait to try it out! However, I found the formula very dry and hard to work with. It streched my lips and felt scratchy. The ColourPop liners could not be more different. They are creamy, soft and not dry in the slightest. I need to pick up more shades, but Brink (the only one I currently own) is the perfect starter liner.

Brink – A warm taupe. Has the Kylie Jenner nude vibe.


ColourPop Super Shock Cheeks

I have never felt a blush formula like this. I had been convinced by Tati Westbrook of Glam Life Guru that these blushes were a must-have. When my ColourPop order arrived I immediately unpacked these blushes and swatched them. Their texture is so weird! It’s a powder blush that almost feels like a gel – very strange, but very effective. I apply this blush in a patting motion on the apples of my cheeks for a super natural flush without streaks. I would highly recommend checking out these blushes. The blush shades above are in the same order from left to right as they are mentioned below.

Aphrodisiac – A soft beige brown. This cheek shade is very natural and gives you a warm flush.

Between the Sheets – A beige nude pink with a matte finish. Gives you a pretty natural glow!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water vs. Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water vs. Simple Micellar Cleansing Water |


Removing makeup is my least favorite thing in the world. Probably. Let’s face it – I’m tired, I’m already laying in bed and the last thing I want to do is get out of the comfy confines of my comforter and cleanse, scrub and moisturize my face. I just don’t want to do it.

Enter – micellar waters. I’d heard a lot about this category from YouTube and was very intrigued by the concept. These waters contain micelles that grab onto dirt and makeup and remove them from your face without having to be rinsed off. Sounds like a dream come true right? It is. Read on to hear what I think about each product and how they stack up against each other.



Both of these products do an amazing job at taking off makeup. I’ve taken to wearing waterproof mascara because the my regular formula wasn’t holding up as well and both of these formulas make it glide off seamlessly. I use cotton rounds with both products, putting a few squirts on two rounds and letting them sit on my eye makeup for awhile. You don’t want to rub your eyes (say no to wrinkles!) – just let the micellar water do the work. If you haven’t tried a micellar water yet, you’re missing out.

Winner: Tie



As I mentioned above, both of these micellar waters are fairly easy to use. You apply them the same way – to a cotton round – and use them both to wipe away dirt and grime. However, there is one factor in this category that separates these two products. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, although a bit better at removing my waterproof mascara, leaves my skin feeling greasy after I use it. I always feel like I need to rinse off my face – which defeats the purpose of an “easy” makeup removal. The Simple Micellar Cleansing Water would never do that to me.

Winner: Simple Micellar Cleansing Water



Another difference between these two products is the amount you get for your money. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is $8.99 for 13.5 ounces and the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is $7.99 for 6.7 ounces. Clearly you get a lot more for your money with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. However, I feel like I have to use a lot more of the Garnier Micellar Water to do the same job that the Simple Micellar Water does. In some instances, a great product is worth the extra money.

Winner: Garnier Micellar Cleansing WAter

Covergirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Lip Balm

Covergirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Lip Balm |

Being addicted to YouTube means that you always want something new. Whether it’s the newest luxury foundation (someday, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk) or a drugstore dupe, watching beauty vloggers always ends up in me adding something to my makeup wishlist. After watching a video created by RachhLoves, I had found yet another product that I “needed”.

Rachel couldn’t stop raving about the Covergirl Oh Sugar! Lip Balms. She swatched every single shade, demonstrating how much pigment came from these simple lip balms. She talked about how hydrating the formula was and how she’d been wearing them everyday for a month. I was sold.

I purchased two shades from Walgreens, “Soda” – a fruit punch tone and “Taffy” – a perfect nude. Soda goes on a bit darker than I had anticipated, so I wouldn’t wear it as an everyday shade but it could work for a night out. Imagine that, wearing a moisturizing lip balm out and passing it off as a lipstick! Taffy is my perfect everyday shade and I’ve been wearing it absolutely nonstop.

The formula of these lip balms is fantastic. They aren’t too sticky or gloppy, in fact they have the right amount of slip to them and apply a thin layer of product that still gives you the pigment that you’re looking for. Covergirl also stresses that these balms contain grapeseed oil, avocado butter and Vitamins C&E – perfect for keeping your lips moisturized all day. My favorite part about the formula – it smells like lemon!

I would highly recommend these lip balms to anyone. There are a variety of shades for any skin tone and any natural lip color and the formula is so moisturizing that you’re not going to want to stop wearing them! My advice – head to your local drugstore STAT and pick up a few of these for your handbag, your desk at work, your boyfriend’s house….everywhere.

Covergirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Lip Balm, $7.99,