Work From Home Beauty Routine

Work From Home Beauty Routine | emmaelsewhere

I’ve heard a lot about working from home – both good and bad. From those who love it, words like “flexibility”, “productivity” and “creativity” are often uttered. Those who aren’t a fan of this lifestyle talk about procrastination and loss of professionalism. They cite weeks where they barely changed out of their pajamas, much less did their hair or makeup. The words “work from home beauty” simply did not exist in their vocabulary. Regardless, I was still curious.

In a fortuitous turn of events, I recently started a new position from which I get to work from home. To say that I was thrilled, both with this new position and the opportunity to minimize my lunch budget, is to put it lightly. I’m so excited to be working with this innovative new company!

My first course of action as a beauty blogger was to consider how I could adjust my routine to make it shorter and more lightweight. My inspiration was a mix between a Glossier vibe and model-off-duty makeup. That sort of light-coverage (but still color-corrected), natural yet defined look was exactly what I was going for.

Even if you don’t work from home, this work from home beauty routine can still work for you. Whether you’re looking for a minimal makeup routine or something that will have you looking great in your next selfie, check out the tips below for a perfect #MOTD.

Let’s Get Hydrated

This has hands down been the biggest switch in my beauty routine since I started working from home. I’ve noticed that heat/air conditioning (depending on the Wisconsin weather) takes a toll on my skin, more than an office environment had. For this reason, my work from home beauty routine actually begins the night before.

I’ve been focusing on my skincare routine more intently as well (more on that to come!), and that includes a rich moisturizer in the evening. I received the Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb in a recent Sephora Play! Box and have been loving it. It leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated and keeps it that way until I rinse it off in the morning.

In the A.M., I use a lighter moisturizer from Aveeno and a moisturizing primer like the Becca First Light Filter, which also wakes up any sallowness.

Cream Products Are Your Best Friend

I say this as someone whose T-zone gets greasy on the reg, cream products can work for you. I promise. The ones that I’ve been gravitating for are face products – namely blush and highlighter. Since I was going for a Glossier vibe, they were the first ones to augment my makeup collection. The Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk is an incredible product for gorgeous pigment that can double as a blush and an almost contour on my skin tone. It’s a brown-y pink, which is perfect for warming up my winter skin. Yes, I have winter skin already – this is Wisconsin after all.

For highlight, I’ve fallen in love with the highly reflective Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight. I got a sample-sized version of this liquid metal in my Sephora Play! Box this past month and thought I’d give it a shot after hearing rave reviews on YouTube. While the formula can dry down quickly, I’ve found that making sure your skin is hydrated helps this highlight stay smooth and blended. Another pro tip: DO NOT put this on top of skin that has been set with powder.

Naturally Defined Eyes

With a lighter, more natural base, it’s important to use products that can keep your eyes defined so that your face doesn’t end up looking blank. Of course, the first pieces of this puzzle are your eyebrows. Defined and feathered eyebrows give your face dimension and structure, so let’s start there! I have moved on to the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Shape and Fill Pencil, which has a triangle tip for precision. I’ve started using a lighter shade so that I can fill in my brows without having them turn out blocky. Another product I’ve been using to create that feathered look is the iconic Benefit Gimme Brow. This product bulks up my brow hairs to make them look thicker and give them more dimension than pencil alone.

Beyond brows, I’ve been reaching for the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette to create an earth-toned eye look. I use a warm brown shade in my crease to create a shadow there, a dark brown shade on the outer corner for definition and a shimmery, lighter shade in the center of my lid to keep my eyes looking bright. After I swipe on my trusty L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara, I’m good to go!

These tips make my work from home beauty routine so simple. By defining your features and keeping your base minimal, you can show up to your next video call looking fresh and ready to take on the world – or just ready for your next selfie.

How Not to be a Successful Blogger

How to Not Be a Successful Blogger | emmaelsewhere

Hey there, hi there! Long time no talk. I’ve spent the past few weeks making BIG changes in my personal life (more updates to come!), so I’ve been a bit absent from the emmaelsewhere universe. Although constantly brainstorming, game-planning and power-organizing, those background efforts aren’t as visible as a post or an email. To put it bluntly, I haven’t been the best blogger as of late.

During one of my late night (8pm) brainstorming sessions (bubble baths), I was thinking of ways in which I needed to improve my blog in order to find a better niche and a wider reach. That thought process led me to an endless list of “to-dos”, and I realized that not all of them are SUPER obvious to the beginner blogger. So, in a twist of irony, I’ve laid out a few of my sort-of serious tips on what not to do if you want to be a successful blogger. AKA: Do as I say, not as I do. 😉

Here’s what not to do:

  1. Publish a post once a month.
  2. Publish a post…whenever.
  3. Promote your latest post once – then never again. You should recycle your promotions every three months to get new eyes on old posts.
  4. Only promote your posts on Twitter.
  5. Make promises that you can’t keep. Don’t tell your readers that you’ll be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday if that’s a goal that won’t work for your schedule. It’s better to be honest and consistent than aspirational and defeated.
  6. Look for inspiration from other bloggers. If you’re copying someone else, there’s a good chance that their post already has a higher SEO score than yours will. Re-doing their “trending” idea won’t help your posts be seen.
  7. Use any photo you can find. Original images will always be best, but in the event that you aren’t able to take a relevant photo, find a royalty-free image that fits your aesthetic. Remember: always give credit!
  8. Ignore social media trends. If Instagram’s algorithm has you down, do a bit of research into what types of content are performing well. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, but if it is broke…
  9. Pass up Pinterest. Pinterest is the most important social media platform for blogs right now, as it acts like a search engine to drive readers to your blog. If you create “how-to” content, this is especially important for you.
  10. Forget about SEO. If you’re trying to be a successful blogger, search is your new best friend. Optimize your posts so that they’ll be found when people search for specific keywords.
  11. Be as general as possible. People aren’t going to follow you just for being you (sorry), but they will follow you if you have a distinct point of view on a specific topic.
  12. Write only short posts – or only long posts. This is one I struggle with all the time! As someone who loves to write, I find myself wanting to work on longer, detailed pieces all the time. However, this tactic usually ends up with me putting off that increased effort and writing nothing instead. Sound familiar?
  13. Think of your blog as your one thing. Being a successful blogger means having many avenues of content, whether that be having an email newsletter, an active Instagram or even a podcast. Everyone has a different blogging journey!
  14. Go in without a plan. It’s difficult to create consistent content without an idea of what the next week (or few weeks!) looks like for your blog. If you rely on thinking of one idea at a time, there will come a time when the ideas just aren’t flowing and you just won’t write.
  15. Think of it as all business, all the time. Remember why you got into this hobby in the first place. For me, it’s remembering that my voice matters, and that it deserves to be heard amongst the fray. That brings me back to my laptop every time.

Happy blogging! xo

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 Review

Okay, okay – this one’s a little late to the game. The hustle (and more hustle) of Fashion Month got to me and Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 ended without my review going up instantaneously. You can’t win them all!

Although tardy to the party, I promise that this review is bringing more of this season’s game-changing coverage. I’m saying “no” to trend reporting and long, detailed critiques and giving you a snapshot of the best moments of the week. Because let’s face it, I know you don’t have time to read thousands of words. You could be scrolling through this at your desk at work, or taking a study break from the midterms mess. I’m not judging.

Biggest Moments of Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018

Off-White presented a collection inspired by the people’s princess, Princess Diana herself. In every piece that walked down the runway, the gorgeous icon’s signature laidback style was integrated with modern streetwear. Much like everyone else on the internet, I was truly inspired by this show.

What’s more French than the Eiffel Tower? Saint Laurent took advantage of the stunning scenery by showing their collection directly in front of the iconic landmark. When I close my eyes, I can still see Kaia Gerber stomping down the runway, making a name for herself at Paris Fashion Week.

And finally, a non-Fashion Week moment. Balmain announced that they would be partnering with Victoria’s SecretVictoria’s Secret Fashion Show in a move that makes so much sense I can’t believe we haven’t thought of it sooner. You can find me posted up in front of the TV, waiting for the to air.

My Picks for Best Collections of Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018


Joseph Altuzarra did not disappoint in his first show since leaving New York. Each look that came down the runway had a unique flair and didn’t mimic any of the “trends” that we’ve seen this season. There were so much individuality and voice throughout the collection that I’m officially calling this one of my favorite shows of the season. P.S. I want those mid-height gladiator boots.


Rodarte was another show that stood out from the crowd for me. Known for almost having a “theme” to each collection (one year, Star Wars was the defining characteristic), this year’s was clearly dark romanticism. Sheer paneling, ruffles, and shaggy fur coats were the three must-try aspects of this showing.


Pierpaolo Piccioli is still crushing it. Valentino continues to be one of my favorite shows, season after season, for its elevated take on eveningwear. However, the gowns weren’t the only standouts to me in this collection. Shiny outerwear had a glamorous but utilitarian feel, while fanny packs made a case to become the next big accessory.

My Picks for Best Beauty Looks of Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018

Isabel Marant

You know I love a naked face with a bold brow, and that’s just what Isabel Marant gave us. A wash of bronzer, thickened brows and highlighted inner corners made for the perfect “I just got back from vacation” face. This look never goes out of style.


Consider this one similar to the Isabel Marant look above, but with more highlight. Undereyes were brightened with a light shade of concealer, while the cheekbones, nose, and even the forehead were given the reflective treatment.

Proenza Schouler

Are you starting to sense a theme? Proenza Schouler jumped on the naked face train and took it one step further. Brows were fully filled in, the face was highlighted and bronzed and, the finishing touch, hair was slicked back to show it all off.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018 Review

Feeling the Fashion Week overwhelm yet? With so many articles flooding the web, I’ve even started to feel it myself. Every piece comes off the same. “This is the best new trend!” “Everyone will be wearing this next season.” “This designer expertly took a nostalgic look and made it new.” I’m just. So. Bored.

How many new things can be said about each collection? I truly feel for the incredibly talented people who work for Vogue Runway who manage to review each showing with care and consideration. I’ve found that I simply do not have the attention span for it and, if I know you like I think I do, neither do you.

This year on the blog, I’m doing things the way that I want to do them. I’m writing the round-ups that I’d actually want to read! Below you’ll find all of the most important information from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018, split into digestible sections. Into it? Then start scrolling…

Biggest Moments of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018

They’re back! The most iconic 90’s supermodels stomped the runway in an emotional finale with Donatella herself. The show tapped into nostalgia, while paying tribute to Gianni Versace 20 years after he was killed.

Moschino trotted out its models wearing extravagant gowns that made them look like floral arrangements come to life. Although the collection was highly instagrammable, it drew unfavorable comparisons to John Galliano’s similar collection for Christian Dior in 2010.

As usual, but nevertheless still eye-catching, Dolce & Gabbana‘s “model squad” closed out their show in a sea of black leotards and sparkling headpieces. Leading the pack were It-Girls like Hailey Baldwin, Sara Sampaio and Elsa Hosk.

My Picks for Best Collections of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018


If you thought that I wasn’t going to pick Versace as one of my favorite collections, you’re crazy. This show had everything: high-glamour gowns, nostalgic prints and the return of the Supers. Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours, Versace!

Les Copains

Les Copains did it again! After I featured their collection in my Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 roundup, I didn’t think that I would ever be writing about them again. Consider me proven wrong. Les Copains has their own handle on the sartorial definition of bohemian. By incorporating burnt orange and brighter reds into their mostly neutral collection, the clothing popped – and made me want to save up for a few pieces.


Etro started out with a bang – drawing me into the collection with bright white look after bright white look. As the models continued to file down the runway, they began easing into a more muted, 70s color palette. I can’t say that I was mad about it. Jewel tones mixed with earth tones in perfect harmony and gave us a more modern take on the popular 70s-inspired styles that are in stores now.

My Picks for Best Beauty Looks of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018

Alberta Ferretti

There’s nothing that I love more than a lived-in beauty look. Smudgy eyeliner and flyaways, like those at Alberta Ferretti, scream off-duty model. The models’ cheekbones were chiseled, their foreheads were bronzed and their lips were a pinky-nude, but it almost looked like they weren’t wearing makeup. Sounds like my kind of look!

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana are the kings of winged liner and red lips – but against all odds it never gets old on their runway. Once again, the designers chose glamorous, sophisticated Italian women as their muses. Flowers tucked into their strands and a pale gold glimmer spread across their lids kept the look as natural as could be expected at D&G.


Tod’s was the home of the ultimate no-makeup makeup look. Kendall Jenner walked the runway with flyaways that were slicked to her forehead, and little else on her face but defined brows. Here’s the catch: I would only try recreating this look on a good skin day. Every blemish, dark spot or bit of texture would be visible with this minimal makeup. The risk is yours to take!

The Great Fashion Editor Exodus

Where, oh where, are the fashion editors going? After my defense of print magazines earlier in the year, I was shocked to witness the resignation of multiple major print editors leaving their publications this past month. One of the biggest hits to my print-loving ego: the exit of Cindi Leive at Glamour Magazine.

Glamour Magazine has long been one of my favorites. I have always felt connected to their voice and mission more than any other magazine (before InStyle rocked my world with the entrance of Laura Brown as EIC). Glamour has stood for women, their rights, their troubles and their potential over the course of Cindi Leive’s tenure and in some ways, it has helped shape who I am today. Cindi Leive will truly be missed by both myself and countless other readers of Glamour Magazine. I can only hope that it continues in the direction that Leive set forth.

Another surprise in the print world? Robbie Myers left Elle Magazine and will be replaced by another well-known fashion editor Nina Garcia, a judge on Project Runway and the current Creative Director of Marie Claire. Although Nina is completely capable of this helming the iconic magazine, Robbie has left a major legacy at Elle. I’m looking forward to watching the evolution of Elle under Garcia’s well-manicured hands!

So… where are they going?

This is the major question. The answer can be drastically different depending on the fashion editor, but I have a few hunches! Philanthropy? Larger, digital opportunities like Eva Chen to Instagram? What does this mean for the future of print?

Cindi Leive has a penchant for supporting women, as evidenced by the direction of Glamour Magazine over the past decade. I could see her starting her own nonprofit that would benefit women’s equality and global wellbeing. She has been quoted as saying she won’t move on to another media company so this seems like a logical next step.

I don’t have as much insight for Robbie Myers. In the past, when a fashion editor has left a publication, they would either move to another publication or another digital opportunity. For example, when Eva Chen left Lucky, she moved on to a position with Instagram. Myers might take a similar path in this respect by moving on to a C-level position at another burgeoning company.

Another question we might consider: what does this mean for the future of print? If fashion editors are leaving the industry in droves, how long can it survive? Is Anna Wintour next?!

I don’t think there’s a reason to panic – yet. Although both Leive and Myers were fixtures at two iconic publications, there are talented, willing junior editors who will step up to fill the void. These moments are a time for the new guard to step up and make their mark. In fact, injecting new blood into the top tiers of legendary publications could spur a turnaround in the print industry. Perhaps, these new faces will have the breakthrough needed to make print relevant again. We can only hope!