Fifty Shades of Dakota Johnson

I’ve been not-so-casually obsessed with Dakota Johnson for awhile now – and I haven’t quite been able to figure out why. She’s not your typical Insta-girl. She doesn’t overshare. She doesn’t wear extremely glamorous clothing, or pose for photos in a way that suggests she’s “just always this beautiful”. She may be friends with Taylor Swift, but is not an explicitly public member of that clique. She just seems to be…herself.

Which brings us back to finally figuring out why I love Dakota Johnson. She has a very specific style, one that I identify with wholeheartedly. Beyond her hilarious personality (just read a few of the interviews she’s done over the years for big name publications like Vogue and Marie Claire), it is her clothing and the way she styles it that has really drawn me in. Dakota has a way of taking minimalist aspects like denim, monochrome black, a classic white shirt and a maxi dress and spinning it in a way that feels fresh and new, yet vintage and inspired. She is my style icon in that she makes very basic pieces of clothing look just plain cool.

To put it simply, Dakota Johnson is #goals. Here are the looks she’s rocked that are inspiring me right now, from formal gowns to streetwear.


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